Some of the options to make your eyeglasses better:

  • Crizal Lenses are anti-reflective (AR) lenses, which means they reduce the glare that causes eye fatigue, with scratch resistance coatings to protect the lenses.
  • Anti-reflective coating is a process that is applied to the outside surfaces of your lenses to decrease glare. This coating sharpens visual performance and helps you to see with more clarity.
  • RLX is a tough, durable and 2-sided scratch coating to protect the surfaces of your plastic lenses. This coating comes with a one-year warranty, we have yet to replace any lenses from scratching, and it is the most durable coating you can get.
  • Transitions are plastic lenses that are darker on bright days, lighter on hazy days. They make your eyes feel comfortable at times you wouldn’t normally switch to sunglasses. They block UV light, are lightweight and are scratch resistant.
  • Progressive bifocals are no line bifocals that eliminate those aging lines from your lenses and improve your range of vision from distance to near, smoothly and with easy transition. Computers and intermediate near distances are accomplished more efficiently with progressive lenses.
  • High Index lenses are plastics lenses that were created for patients that have higher prescriptions. They decrease the edge thickness, overall magnification or minification, provide UV protection and come with scratch resistant coatings. Consider adding an anti-reflective coating to improve your visual image to your eyes.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are the most impact resistant lenses on the market. They are virtually shatter resistant, provide UV protection and scratch resistant coating for increased durability. They are recommended for sports and for children’s eyewear needs.


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We have a selection of women’s “Petite frames” and men’s “Extra Large Frames”.

It is a difficult process selecting a pair of eyeglasses that will feel comfortable, look great and center your eye properly so the optics align and maximum visual function is obtained.

At Dr. Reed’s office the staff is extensively trained to help every patient select the best frame for their prescription and facial features. We believe that if the eyeglasses look great on you, then you are our best source of advertisement. We have over 20 brand name frame manufacturers in our office. Each manufacturer provides a different look and style that we search out for our patients.

Frame Selection:

Our highly trained staff can help determine the best fit with fashionable frames and the latest in high tech lenses like the Crizal non glare products. We have frames for the petite woman and the gentleman that requires extra large sizes. We have sunglasses with polarized lenses and sports frames with polycarbonite lenses.